Unreal Engine Catapult Game


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  • Project Level: Intermediate

    Project Description:

    We will be creating a Catapult/Siege type game where players use a catapult to knock down walls and defenses of increasing complexity in Unreal Engine.

    Unreal Engine is a video game engine that comes packaged with a powerful editor that is free to download and use. Unreal Engine has been used to create popular games such as Gears of War, Mass Effect, XCOM, Fortnite, and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. The editor features a graphical user interface for creating levels, game objects, characters, and animations. Unreal projects also use C++ in the backend.

    Students will learn how to manipulate objects and levels in the Unreal Editor as well as programming game logic with C++.

    Technologies to be Learned:

    • Unreal Engine
    • C++


    • A laptop with Unreal Engine / Editor installed
    • Visual Studio installed
    • Basic knowledge of C++ or a similar language encouraged but not required.
Unreal Engine Catapult Game
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