Making 2D games with Python Arcade


We will build a simple game with Python, an extremely popular programming language.

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Eric Wilson


Jordan Smith


Project Level: Intermediate

Project Description:

We will build an imitation of an old Atari video game with Python and Arcade. Python is a general purpose programming language, and Arcade is a Python library for creating 2D video games.

So maybe you have made games with Scratch or Alice, and have felt the limitations of those programming environments. Or maybe you have learned some Python or JavaScript and want to build something, but aren’t sure what to build.

I’m hoping that students will leave with a working game and the understanding necessary to continue to improve it; all while increasing their understanding of programming concepts and a commonly used programming language.


  • Some experience with using basic programming concepts, such as variables, loops, lists, if statements, etc.
  • A Windows or Mac laptop. (No ChromeBooks)
  • Some typing ability


You will need three things on your machine:

I recommend that you start with the Arcade Installation Instructions for downloading/installing Python and installing Arcade. Then install VSCode unless you have another text editor that you prefer.

Making 2D games with Python Arcade
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