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John Lusk


Goran Avramov


Project Level: Beginner

Project Description: Have you ever wanted to build your own robot?  How about making your own alarm that will go off when someone walks into your room?  We won’t be doing that in this course but we will give you the tools so that you can learn to do both of those things.  In this course, students will learn basic javascript coding principles by using the johnny-five libraries to interact with an Arduino microcontroller and control different types of LEDs.

Technologies to be Learned:

  • Beginner Javascript
  • Arduino hardware basics
  • How to use a breadboard


  • A computer capable of running node.js and Arduino software. The computer must have a USB port as it will be used to connect the Arduino board to the computer.
  • A text editor installed on your laptop. (Sublime recommended)
  • Arduino IDE installed
  • NodeJS installed
Javascript & Johnny-Five
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