Introduction to the React Javascript library


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Leo Guinan
John Ryan

Project Level: Intermediate

Project Description:

In this course we will teach you how to take a static content website and transform it into a feature rich web application.  Anyone who is starting to explore Javascript libraries to achieve this will benefit from what is taught here.   We will take a simple website in this course and transform it through the course of the day to where it is completely rewritten in React.  In the end the content on the site will be broken into reusable components that provide dynamic content.

Technologies to be Learned:


  • A basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Some experience with using basic programming concepts, such as variables, loops, lists, if statements, etc.
  • A Windows or Mac laptop. (No ChromeBooks)
  • Chrome browser (fully updated preferred)
Introduction to the React Javascript library
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