Get Go-ing with Machine Learning


Using GoLang you will build a small run anywhere application to look at data to discover patterns.

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Justin Kuss
Matt Stockton

Project Level: Advanced

Product Description: GoLang (or Google Language) was first introduced to the community in 2009, commissioned to address common complaints of modern languages while retaining the positive characteristics. Realizing the “write once, run anywhere” dream, Go code is easily cross-compiled for multiple platforms with no external dependencies. Go is typically leveraged to solve problems requiring a high degree of concurrency.

Technologies to be Learned:

  • GoLang programming language
  • High-level machine learning and data mining algorithms


  • Laptop that can run an command line functions and IDE
  • Knowledge of intermediate algorithm patterns including but NOT limited to array, APIs, DB connections, hash tables, loops and object oriented programming
  • Knowledge of SVN control e.g. Git
Get Go-ing with Machine Learning
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