Circuit Playground with Microsoft Makecode


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John Lusk
Goran Avramov

Project Level: Beginner I

Project Description:

Multiple projects from MakeCode as well as examples using either python or Arduino IDE to show how the same configurations can be achieved via multiple languages.  The object will be to teach the students concepts of loops, if/then/else, conditionals, variables etc. while getting physical feedback.  A secondary goal will be to show them the javascript which is being generated via makecode and how that same logic can be achieved in other languages.

MakeCode Website –

Examples of mini projects we will be coding

  • Button Flipper
  • Hot Potato
  • Tilt Trumpet
  • Zombie Game

Each of these projects will be used to demonstrate different programming concepts and hopefully have a little fun at the same time.

Technologies to be Learned:

  • programming simple electronic components like LEDs, buttons, and sensors
  • basic programming using MS Block Editor and JavaScript
  • brainstorming on additional projects you can build using a Circuit Playground


  • A laptop with at least one USB drive available and working
  • Chrome browser (fully updated preferred)
  • Some experience with basic programming is helpful but not required
Circuit Playground with Microsoft Makecode
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