Beginning Robotics Logic with the Sphero Sprk+


Have you ever dreamed you could one day work with a group of scientists to build your own interactive robotic game? Well this is your chance! Come learn how to rapid prototype and get user feedback to make necessary changes to the design and have tons of fun along the way! šŸ™‚

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BJ Allmon


Jason Blackhurst



Want to build some interactive games and try them out as we go? Well, the next generation of developers are “makers of things.” Robotics, wearables, and interactions with hardware is at the center of it all. In this session, we are going to explore programming a Sphero Sprk+ Ā using the Lightening Lab environment. You will all be able to create your own Lightening Lab accounts and someone will be going home with their own Sphero Sprk+ Robot!

Come prepared with your creativity sparking and build a couple fun apps with us!

ThingsĀ to be Learned (AKA “The Syllabus”):

  • Product Thinking and Design
  • Product Analysis (Story writing)
  • Evolutionary Design and Development
  • User Testing and Using Feedback to Guide Design
  • Understand Robotic application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Interactive Robotic Game Programming


  • Must be a really cool person
  • Must be able to lift 2 pounds
  • Able to have fun while working respectfully and collaboratively with others
Beginning Robotics Logic with the Sphero Sprk+
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