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Pam Pallett Lavankumar Muvalla

Project Level: Beginner I

Project Description:

In this project, students will begin with selecting a backdrop and making a simple animated gif by adding decorations to make a moving collage (e.g., Peace, Love and Donuts), and end with making interactive cartoon games. This project uses drag and drop programming via MadeWithCode and Scratch.  The drag and drop code is Google’s Blockly, and the Scratch initiative was developed by MIT.  The session will start with an introduction to programming during which students will make a basic animation using the MadeWithCode collage project. This will establish the concepts of objects, order of execution (when you want different things to happen) and parameter setting (e.g., assigning color and size). We will then move on to basic programming concepts such as if, then statements, for loops, and variable creation by making a highly customizable, interactive animation in Scratch.

Technologies to be Learned:

  • Parameter setting
  • If, then statements
  • For loops
  • Variables


  • A laptop computer with a flash enabled browser (preferably Chrome)

Code Repository:


Animated Awesomeness
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