Learn how to create a simple desktop application with using the Python programming language.

Project Level: Beginner II

Project Description

While working on our computers on a daily basis, we use lots of different software: media players like iTunes and Windows Media Player, document editors like Word, and web browsers like Chrome. All of these are examples of desktop applications running on your operating system. In this class, we are going to learn how to write a simple desktop application using a very easy-to-learn programming language; Python!

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world and is used as a teaching tool to teach coding. While all the desktop applications above aren’t built using Python, we’re going to use Python’s PyQt5 library to build a simple desktop application so you’ll be well on your way to build something awesome in the future!

We’ll be building simple desktop applications with fun things like buttons, images, and different ways to interact with them. We’ll also be learning how to package our applications so that you can give your software to your friends to install on their computers!

Technologies to be learned

  • Programming user interfaces using Python’s PyQt5 library, including the basic constructs for this such as windows, buttons and frames.
  • How to run and package a PyQt5 project using Python’s fbs tool.
  • How to build installers for different operating systems.


  • A very basic understanding of how coding is done
  • A Windows, Linux or Mac laptop with Python 3.6 or above installed (Unfortunately, Chromebooks will not work)\
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Build a desktop application using Python
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