We will be doing multiple small projects and activities using CircuitPython and Circuit Playground Express .  The object will be to teach the students some basic programming concepts using python to interact with the Circuit Playground Express.  The different projects will be things like:

  • Treasure Hunt
  • Morse Code Flasher
  • Quick Draw speed test
  • Musical Fruit Box
  • Zombie/Human/Healer Game

Each of these projects will be used to demonstrate different programming concepts and hopefully have a little fun at the same time.

Technologies to be Learned:

  • programming simple electronic components like LEDs, buttons, and sensors
  • basic programming using MU Editor and CircuitPython
  • brainstorming on additional projects you can build using a Circuit Playground


  • A laptop with at least one USB drive available and working
  • Chrome browser (fully updated preferred)
  • Some experience with basic programming.

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Python Fun and Games
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