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Due to the COVID-19 Virus we have chosen to postpone FuseCodeCamp until further notice.  As the situation progresses we will provide updates as they become available.

2020 Projects

Beginner I – No experience is required for this project. These projects are meant for anyone without experience with the topics covered in the project.
Beginner II – Some experience is required for this project. You should have some development experience and know the basic fundamentals of coding such as Variables, Loops, Conditions, and basic object structures.
Intermediate – This project assumes you have experience with writing code for at least one application/language such as Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Angular, etc. and know advanced programming concepts like object-oriented programming, databases, and APIs.
Advanced – This project assumes advanced coding knowledge and that you have written more than one application using at least one language such as Java, C++, React.js, Angular, etc.

What people said about last year’s event…

“Very well done.  My daughter was in the beginners room and it was a nice introduction of the 3 basic programming languages and what each of their roles are in creating a game or website.  And I think the day-long session was an appropriate length of time.  A mini-immersion lesson.  Great job FUSE team!  We look forward to the next one.” – Parent of participant

“I liked that it was laid back but still managed to teach me a lot!” – Participant

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